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Ring Shape and PZT Material piezo multilayer actuator piezoelectric ceramics

Product Details
Place of Origin:CN
Brand Name:HM
Certification:CE, RoHS, SGS ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2015
Model Number:ALL
Payment & Shipping Terms
Min Order:20
Delivery Time:30 WORK DAYS
Payment Terms:MoneyGram PAYPLE
Supply Ability:10000PCS/MONTH
Material:Piezoelectric Ceramics
Working Voltage:-20 To 150V DC
Operating Temperature Range:Operating Temperature Range: -20 To 120℃
Maximum Preload For Constant Force:20MPa
Recommended Preload For Dynamic Operation:15MPa
Shape:Rectangular And Square
Accurate Positioning:Nm
High-speed Response:Ms
Large Blocking Force:Large Blocking Force
High Energy Conversion Efficiency, Low Power Consumption And No Electromagnetic Noise:High Energy Conversion Efficiency, Low Power Consumption And No Electromagnetic Noise:
Easy To Be Controlled By Voltage:Easy To Be Controlled By Voltage
Precision Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering:Precision Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering
Life Sciences,Medicine And Biology:Life Sciences,Medicine And Biology
Pneumatic&Hydraulic Valves:Pneumatic&Hydraulic Valves
Nano Positioning/high-speed Switching:Nano Positioning/high-speed Switching
Active And Adaptive Optics:Active And Adaptive Optics
Piezo ceramics convert electrical energy directly into mechanical motion and vice versa, based on crystalline solid state effects. Piezo actuators are quite unique in combining force, speed and precise motion ...
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